Chemmet LLC

Innovation startup


            Chemmet LLC is a high-technological start-up created in February, 2009 for commercialization of leading innovations of scientists from St- Petersburg  region. Our aim is providing of scientific innovations from ideas and laboratory models to wide industrial application.



  • Amorphous  metal fibers for concrete reinforcement.

Technology and now is launching production of high-tensile amorphous metallic fiber for the dispersed concrete reinforcement.




  • CVD synthesis of : Solid lubricant nanoparticles (WS2, WSe2), metals (Fe, Ni), oxides, carbides

Technology of synthesis and application of tribo- nanomaterials (dry-film lubricants and oil additives), WCx nanopowders for hard-alloyed cutting tools, oxide nanoparticles for reinforced Al alloys, and other nanomaterials.





  • Carbon nanotubes reinforced composite materials (copper and concrete)

Our company developed technology of carbon nanotubes growing on the different materials, particularly on copper powder and cement.



  • Contacts with Russian and CIS innovation startups, technology transfer, tech tours, technical expertise, patent service




  • Technology research and supplying materials for Al industry:

-high efficient Russian  flux for Mg removal (based on CuCl2)

-salt flux for drum (rotary) furnaces (KCl+NaCl+CaF2)

-salt slag recycling technology


  • CEO  - Karamyshev Sergey
  • R&D – Tolochko Oleg, D.Sci., Prof.
  • CFO  - Alexandr Tantsura

188350, Russia, Leningrad region, Gatchina, prosp. 25 Oktyabrya, 28 A

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